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Do Preconceptions Hinder Or Help Our Perspectives?

I was recently going through one of my textbooks and I came across this issue and I was like, "Why haven't I written about this topic yet?!", so I finally decided to write it after all the procrastination. Take a minute and think about your perspective on this and then continue to read. This will help in either a contrast of views on this debate(ish) topic or just add more information. Personally, I feel that preconceptions are an act of clear immaturity. I mean, judging someone or something before knowing the factual information shows the impatience and immaturity of the person. Imagine one of your mates starts judging a stranger just on the basis on their accent or to make it simpler their looks! How would you react to that?! Imagine that, the person is extremely humble and friendly but you or/and your mate might have made so many comments about him/her, this is nothing but a clear reflection of the narrow-mindedness of our society! To me, there is no doubt that preconceptions hinder our perspectives! Judging a book by its cover has never helped and never will! Our society has framed their thoughts in such a way that the upcoming generations' thoughts get caged as if in a prison, they are not allowed to think beyond that! This can be a greater threat than you can imagine! Imagine your next President/Prime Minister is narrow-minded and now compare that to one not being narrow-minded. Your country will depend on this issue in as little as 5 years!! Let people express their views on any issue no matter which side they support! Our world is not a field to battle! I know it doesn't seem easy but if we work towards it and clear our narrow-minded thought processing than we can actually make a change! Preconceptions regarding politics, sports, or even entertainers can spread a whole new negative atmosphere around you! Please share this post in order to spread awareness.

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