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Will Our Current Society Functioning Reshape The Future?

I know my point of view on this topic might seem bias and might create conflict but this is how I feel about this issue. See, we can't come to a rational conclusion to this at an instant, but we can make connections to it. We can see how our society has transformed into becoming narrow-minded towards social conflicts like the LGBTQ community and different religion marriages/affairs. I know you all might not completely agree with me, but as I said this is what I've seen and this is my opinion. Think about the upcoming generations for a minute, do you really want conflicts in the future created by your own successors?! Exactly! The way we are progressing right now, our future will nowhere be close to what we want, no peace and more violence! This also brings a topic I wanted to address for a period of time. The issue of violence bringing peace! This is the most ridiculous oxymoronic statement I have heard! As Gandhi said, "An eye for an eye will make the world blind.", so why are we still neglecting this issue?! We really need to reflect back on our society and change the way we function! The idea of non-violence by Gandhi is also being neglected by almost all world leaders currently. I know that having a strong military tempts you to take the oppositions eye out but we need to think about the future consequences! This is also the issue which needs to be addressed. Literally, almost no one in our society thinks about the future consequences and this will make the future haunt us! This blog is just a small platform which might give out some help, but the real power lies with you. So take a minute and think, do you really want our future shaped in such a way that it leads us into a profound, frightful, and obscure hole?

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